Customer and Market Sustainability & Stability.

Customer satisfaction

  • Integrity of the company towards clients in business transaction
  • Professional staffs to handle the market/legal/technical
  • Builds good business relation with the clients, through regular visits.
  • Providing supports to clients, during bidding stage.
  • Providing supports to clients during technical stage and submittals.
  • On time delivery of ordered materials and equipments.
  • On time hand over and commissioning of the projects.


Integrity of the company towards clients in business transaction

  • To be straight forwards and transparent to clients in dealing with business whether the inquiry is with in the business of the company.
  • Providing clients accurate information of the products that will be supplied and the appropriate delivery time.

Professional staff to handle market/legal/technical

  • To build clients trust and compatibility we have staff that are professionally have the knowledge and experience in dealing business transactions.
  • Providing manpower appropriate designation and training on their respective fields of duty and responsibility
  • Know the technique of in and out of how to close a business deals with the clients.

Business Plan

  • Tracking and evaluating projects in the market.
  • Long-term bids and follow-ups.
  • Short terms and cash flow generating projects.

Tracking and Evaluating Projects in the Market

  • Visiting general contractors and consultants that handling major projects in the kingdom.
  • Discuss all possible projects opportunity and business that they could give to the company.
  • Let the contractors and consultant fell and rest assured while evaluating you that you and the company is professionals to handle major projects.

Long-term Bids and Follow-ups

  • Set specific time and budget to projects that will take effects in a longer period of time.
  • Give technical support to the contractor if needed.
  • Visiting them and let them be comfortable while discussing business.


Short Term and Cash Flow Generating Projects

  • Approaching company that are into production and manufacturing industry, hotels, hospitals that needs immediate repair and shutdown schedule.
  • Supply of materials and spare parts.
  • Taking small projects such as fabrication and turnkey projects that will not exceed in a giving schedule.
  • We have manpower that will attend into immediate need of the client during shuts-down or during unexpected shutdown.
  • We have fabrication workshop with in the area, since some clients need to visit the workshop and see the fabrication process.
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