Management Responsibility.

Management Commitment

As indicated in our Quality Policy Statement, the Executive Management of HAMAD MOHAMMAD CONTRACTING EST. (HMACE) committed to:

  • Ensuring that all employees, as appropriate their position within the Company, are aware of their contribution to quality and of customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Establishing quality policy and objectives and ensuring the resources to achieve these objectives.
  • Conducting full top level reviews of our QMS.

Client Focus

Our policy is to operate a Client focused organization so that we may enhance on basic requirements, improve our services and remain competitive without compromising Quality.


Quality Policy

We ensure that our quality policy:-

  • Is appropriate to our type of business and provides a framework for setting objectives.
  • Displays our commitment to comply with customer and regulatory requirements
  • Is fully communicated, together with the QMS generally, to all employees as appropriate their position within the Company.


Quality Objectives

Measurable corporate objectives have been established which are consistent with the above policy and are supported by other objectives as appropriate to the process and functional level within the business. We have established a system of measurement and analysis through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
The objectives are reviewed at Management Review and other times as appropriate


Quality Planning

In general terms, We have throughout the organization, established business processes to ensure that we meet our quality objectives and provide for continual improvement.
Where required, we work to Project Quality Plans (PQP’s) which may contain specific objectives and requirements for quality for a particular project.
We are able to ensure that the integrity of our QMS is maintained during and after any changes to it. This is mainly achieved through our system for further studies and document Control.

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